We are a UK, independent industrial and creative design studio pushing the boundaries of possibility and functionality through a sustainability-conscious and human-centered design approach. 

Based in Cumbria and London.

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Industrial Design

 From market research to ideation, prototyping and testing we create products that meet user needs.


Brand Identity

A professional brand design is essential to communicate company messages and promote business goals.

Graphic design, logo design, packing design

Graphic & Packaging Design

 From logo design to icons and packages it is important to have smart professional designs that truly represent your company.

UI and UX design

 Using contemporary methods in UI and UX design, we help you create strategies and products that will make you stand out from the competition. 

Digital Design 

Furniture Design, light for habitiat

Furniture Design

 We design the future of furniture to build better experiences for people living in all kinds of spaces 

Design process

We pride ourselves with a strong 5 stage design approach to build any project from an idea to a reality.

Our Process


Mark, Channel Manager - DriveWorks

Tom has a natural eye for design and possesses unique skills. This combined with his personal approach made him a pleasure to work with.

Surajan, Product Manager - THG

Nick is a motivated and highly capable designer. Combining his professional approach and sustainable outlook, I believe he is well equipped for solving the problems of tomorrow.